Just Bee Apiary

Just Bee Honey: "Created by Artisans...Bottled by Humans"


Community Supported Apiaries (CSA)

A VERY important part of what we do at Just Bee is educating our neighbors about all things bees. From honeybees to all pollinators. This covers why its SO important to NOT spray our farms, gardens and lawns with chemicals. Then to leave or plant "bee food" either pollen or nectar offered flora for all pollinators. Add a water source  and bare earth nesting sites for ground bees. Then most importantly to talk with your neighbors. From all this and out of the Just Bee "Hometown Honey" project our CSA was born. Community Supported Apiaries is a great thing ALL beekeepers should be doing right away. It educates the greater public about bees and builds a stronger relationship and local market for your Micro-Local honey. Please check out our CSA project and learn more on facebook: 




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