Just Bee Apiary

Just Bee Honey: "Created by Artisans...Bottled by Humans"

A HUGE Thanks to ALL of our donors!! 

In 2013 we held an Indiegogo fundraiser campaign to help build on our "Hometown Honey" idea.

The "Hometown Honey Taste Off" was the first of its kind. Though we did not raise all the money needed I wish to honor all of those who did help us! I ended up working with SlowMoney NC to acquire the rest of the loan needed to see the project through.

Here is a list of the AMAZING folks who did see the value in us and the work we are trying to do! Without their AMAZING contribution we would not have been able to launch the Hometown Honey Taste Off!  There were more donors, but they opted to not be publically listed...we LOVE them just the same!

I want to give a special thanks to Haley Dona who helped plan, design, film and edit our Indiegogo video! She is an amazing artist and now i can say friend who helped me in a HUGE way to not only get the video made, but to open up as a person and find my voice! For her work, FREE time and patiences to this cause I am forever grateful!! 


Just Bee Donors:  

Annie Williams

John Bonitz 

Ademas: A California based Non profit Public Benefit Corporation

Barry Saunders

Monica & Rob Segovia-Welsh

Merge Records

Bank Robber Music

William Tyler: music artist who allowed us to use his song

April Errickson

Kristen Kowzan

Allison Hilton

Carolina Bee Company...AKA (Monica & Todd)

Dana Haine

Ron & Anne Gallagher

Kimberly Alexander

Melissa Simar

Wendy Cooper

HoneyLove (ca)

Give a Shit About Bees (international)

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