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Food security through: "food efficiency"

How do we feed billions of people? 

Chemically coated GMO seeds laid in a bed of various fungicides, herbicides and pesticides is the norm now a days, but it wasn't always like that. Just think...before OUR grand parents every single animal-creature-organism on this planet ate an organic diet! Everyone evolved and did just fine on organic food. So why are we so quick to believe the mantra "plant baby plant" ?? The "only" way to feed so many people is to plant as much chemical food as possible and KILL all the insects "stealing" our food.  

This extremely short-sighted and NEW idea is SO puzzling to me. I think it is born and spread from the belief that this plant and indirectly, everything on it, belongs solely to us! We have developed such a short-sighted narcissistic view that is self defeating. We have let chemical companies, that now make and sell our seeds to us, become such powerful dictators of our food supply...WHY? I'd like to point out some very common sense flaws in this food strategy. 

First lets get some REAL facts out there: 6 of the top 9 seed(food) producers are Chemical companies. That should astound and worry you greatly. http://zoom.it/tTDi

When did this happen? WHO CARES...it has to stop and be flipped back to a non monopoly driven organic first style system. These chemical companies have a dual invested interest to further dupe you into believing their lies. We know they profit Billions every quarter from chemical & seed sales so they are just promoting what helps their bottom line. A huge conflict of interest to OUR health and survival. I say lets treat this problem for what it is...a MATH problem. I know...no one likes math, but hang in there. This one has a happy ending!

As a construction expert I only have to look at our "food system" like our homes "energy efficiency" conservation. It is so easy to understand and copy. You would never cut on your AC and leave your door open because you know it's so bad for your HVAC system...and your wallet. Right now in the US we have a 40% food waste stream issue!! 40% of the food grown is tossed out by restaurants and grocery stores nationwide! That is just like leaving the doors and windows open while the AC is on. So we do not need to adopt a "plant baby plant" mentality being pushed by the billion dollar chem co's. That is not the problem. We need to adopt healthy (nature preserve style) farms while simultaneously creating a NEW efficiency program for our food industry with guidelines and helpful tools to feed more people with LESS food grown.  This will greatly reduce that 40% waste stream down to 5%. Helping to restore everything to an organic environment while ramping up "food efficiency" is our ticket forward. It's just this simple...because it's just basic math. If we reduce our waste by 35%...then that is 35% less food we need to grow! Period!  No more GMO - spray everything mentality. Loose the barbie food imagery and start to grow smarter food distribution channels. 

Nature will start to heal and our food security will start to strengthen, but it gets even better. That 35% efficiency is not gonna come free.  Thousands of NEW jobs will be created in food prep, packaging, delivery and distribution channels. Chefs and grocery stores will package up things at the end of the day and a NEW food delivery system will begin. Unfortunately, there is a growing demand for community kitchens, but they need food! Sure they are getting donations, but they also have to buy food. Restaurants and stores throw food away...GOOD food! So lets create a new food model of small food business getting "days end" food at a low wholesale price and packaging it(like To Go containers) and selling to food banks and community kitchens. Solves two problems at once. Stores and restaurants don't lose money and food kitchens get local food. There is no difference in a pizza delivery guy bringing a community kitchen a pizza than this new food distributor. Best part is it has to stay local...another win. 

Lastly, chemical co's want you to think that they are NOT part of the problem...just using scare tactics to dupe you into thinking you need them. Sadly, as a beekeeper i have learned all too well what environments they see working for them. My bees have perished in intense farming areas. So i learned the hard way and have set out to share my ideas and knowledge. A world with greatly reduced chemicals will be healthier for our pollinators! That is such a critical thing in this 11th hour of humanity for our food supply. China already has human farmer's hand pollinating their orchards after massive chemical use...are we to continue down our "spray baby spray" plant our way out of it ideology?? For my childrens sake I hope not!

The idea that we do not need pollinators in greater numbers is like removing one of the spokes from a 5 spoke wheel and hoping it will continue to roll. We need ALL 5 spokes working together to keep evolution moving along.  Sun, healthy earth, clean water, organic seeds and pollinators. ALL 5 have to be there working in a strong cohesive group for us to flourish. Its how we evolved for millions of years so we know it WILL work. If one weakens or fails then everything is out of balance....kinda like our planet right now. Our natural environment is out of balance and we are the cause. We now know that, but moving forward we get to change what we do and HOW we do it every day. So starting tomorrow YOU start doing something different...something to help restore balance to the wheel of life.


marty hanks

head bee nerd (just bee)

A long time coming...

So its finally official.

On this rainy day in late september, to no fanfare, i finally and officially launch our NEW Just Bee Apiary website! Here ya go!  http://www.justbeenc.com/ 

Its been a year in the making and LOTS of learning to get the site built. Still more to learn i'm sure and it will be fun and frustrating at times i'm sure, but hey i have to press on for the bees. We are connected forever now. 

I hope you visit the site to offer me feedback and if you like, buy some honey. Its all good... feedback either positive or negative is helpful to us in the end. 

I've just added our Newest Honey Obsession...our NEW line of JB's Pepper Infused honey's!

All 3 are available here online or come check us out on October 5th at this years Pepper Festival in Chatham County! 




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