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Hometown Honey Collection

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Our "Hometown Honey Collection" is the end result of our work with the bees to highlight their limited food shed. Knowing they only fly 3-5 miles we place and leave our colonies in different towns-cities to extract the unique flavor of those locations. Combining the bees limited foraging range and the fact that every town is different we can extract the unique FLAVOR of each town!

In short, we are telling the story of what each Hometown TASTES like through our "micro-local" honey! 

Additionally, since every year has a different weather pattern, we are creating a liquid time capsules of every years unique flavor. 


JB's Whiskey Honey...aged to perfection!


A new amazing product deserves a really cool label. At JB we are very lucky to know and work with NC's own artist Jean LeCluyse. She hand drew our NEW whiskey label that will make its way to our new bottles later this year!! It depicts the best way we can express the nerdy cool side of bees & whiskey barrels and the fun that comes from putting the two together!  

Check in at our store and see if we are still selling our test batches...please keep checking back in with us as we keep agin new batches...it takes almost a year from honeybee hive to bottle. 

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